Travel Arabic

Are you preparing yourself to travel to an Arabic country? Or, maybe you want to revise your Arabic or receive basic knowledge of the Arabic language. If this is the case, then we have the solution for you.
Alyasameen introduces “Travel Arabic”. It’s the first travel booklet, which teaches the most important Arabic words and phrases by using augmented reality technology and quick response (QR) codes.
So, how does it work? You just simply scan any page and listen to the correct pronunciation and see the English translation of that page. The travel Arabic booklet is compact, so you can carry just what you need. You don’t have to carry CDs or a translation book, it’s all online now.
Travel Arabic is divided in 14 sections: Introduction to Arabic, Keywords, Greeting & Goodbye, Study & Work, Family, Communication, At Home, In the City, Food & Drinks, Shopping, Tourism & Travel, Health & Sports, The World, and revision of Arabic Grammar.
Travel Arabic from Alyasameen is perfect for you.
We make Arabic easy for you!
Travel Arabic Website
Muhammad Bahgat Kanafani
A1 - A2 - B1
ISBN: 978-9948-495-84-0

How to use Blippar & QR Code Reader

Download Blippar Application from App Store or Google Play.

Or use any QR Code Reader and scan the QR code on the top of each page.


• Introduction to Arabic
• Key words
• Greeting & Goodbye
• Study & Work
• Family
• Communication
• At Home
• In the City
• Food & Drinks
• Shopping
• Tourism & Travel
• Health & Sports
• The World
• Arabic Grammar

Arabic as foreign language


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